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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Winter in Waco

Winter in Waco is arguablely the best Waco. Over the month of December I found ways to make the season feel just as jolly as it would back home.

The thing that made it feel super Christmas-y was adding a Christmas tree to my dorm. Lighting it up after getting back from classes made it feel super cozy.

Also it helped to take a day trip to Dallas. With all the stores decked out in Christmas decor, it made the city feel like a Hallmark movie.

I also found my love for wrapping presents! It literally my favorite thing to do now, and best of all I got everything from Target (literally no one is surprised hehe).    

Monday, December 10, 2018

A Weekend in Dallas

To celebrate my 19th birthday a few of my friends and I decided to take a weekend trip to Dallas. Leaving early in the morning on Saturday, we wanted to make most of our time outside of Waco.

First, we decided to grab brunch right out of downtown Dallas. We choose a place in the Bishops are a district. Here we also stumbled upon some cute boutiques and this sign.

After getting settled in our hotel and wandering downtown, we had a reservation at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant at around 9:00. The food there was THE BEST ever, and I want to go literally every day (which is unfortunately unrealistic).

Sunday morning we tried to squeeze in as much as possible before we had to leave. We stopped by Carlos' bakery because who can say no to the cake boss? And for the record, they really do have the best cannolis. 

Finally, we ended the trip by walking around Highland Park and taking pictures. This picture is from the BIRD cafe.


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