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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Why I Started My Blog

"As my first blog post I decided to do something simple. This is just a cotton plant that grew outside my house. Yes, I understand it is a weed, but I always try to find the beauty in something that seems discouraging. I believe more people today need to realize this and appreciate it. Whatever is happening to you is important because that one experience can only happen to you. I mean other people can go through the same thing, but not with your view point and knowledge. So often I find people saying that they have just gone through a negative experience that's when I tend to question them. Was it really a negative experience? In everything you do comes something great whether that be a new opportunity or a chance to make an impact in something or someone. Now, with that being said something like anxiety and if you have experienced it before you know that it is very hard to get through, but whether you believe it or not there is some good in anxiety. Anxiety gives you knowledge and experience. After going through so many panic attacks I now know how to help someone else when going through it. I would not have been able to otherwise and I find that great. To sum it up you can use everything to your advantage. I challenge you to take one negative experience and find something great about it.I assume you now realize that this is a chance to get my feelings out. That can range from bullying and depression to fashion and beauty. This is just something that can help me vent and hopefully help someone else. I would also like to say thank you for reading this, and it really means a lot.                                                                                                                    Yours Truly"

What you just read is a blog post I had written in the fall of 2013. I was just 13 years old and blogging seemed so interesting and cool, but I lacked the resources to pursue it further. And when I say I lacked the resources, I actually mean I lacked the confidence and ambition. However, as I grew older and gained new confidence, I found myself being drawn to elements of blogging all of the time. Whether it was a secret instagram, crazily taking pictures of outfits, or even writing what seemed like blog posts in my journal. Blogging has been part of my life for forever, I've grown with it and watched it evolve.

So, with that being said I understand a lot of people turn up their noses at blogging, thinking it is a waste of time. I understand how it seems silly, and useless. BUT it is so much more to me than that. It's a way to express what I am feeling, loving, or even just my outfit. Now this is really going to seem silly when I say, God has called to blogging. There is a reason why I came back year after year, and looking back it seems as though God has been politely nudging metime after time to do something he has partly created me to do. I think blogging holds more power than people think, a strength that can move mountains or clothes.

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