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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Best Products on Amazon for an Organized Dorm

Now let's get started! While trying to sort through countless online stores and simitanousely scour through Pinterest, I was on the hunt for the best dorm room design. However,  I had to come to the conclusion that the perfect dorm room does not exist. To my dismay, there is no amount of wall decor or arrangement of storage bins that will be perfect for everyone, and allow you to bring everything you own to college. With that being said, through this hunt I was able to find a few products on Amazon that could help maximize the limited space available, and keep what you bring organized. 

White Roller Cart

This is by far the best thing I have found! These are white roller carts that are seem pretty deep, and has a decent surface area. I actually am super excited to roll it out from under my bed (sounds kinda weird)! Anyway, I am planning on using this as storage for snacks, t-shirts, or shoes. Of course, not all together! Ha!

Tan Storage Bins

I think these are super cool, and are amazing storage! These would be extra amazing if you decide to loft your bed. I didn't decide to purchase these because my bed isn't lofted and I wasn't sure how much space I would have, but these would definitely be amazing for under-the-bed storage or even in a closet.

Anyone remember these from one of those informercials that was always on tv? Well turns out these are actually super useful. Personally, my dorm room closet is very small, and my wardrobe is very large. Having something like this will definitely maximize my limited closet space.

Shoe Organizer

Now this is amazing for whether you are going to college or not. This allows you to neatly organize all your shoes, and be able to bring more than you probably should. 

It is better safe than sorry, and I am not going to take any chances when it comes to bedbugs. The mattresses that come in the dorm are not always clean and you do not know where its been. So when I go in the fall I am going to put on this nice, clean cover that will protect me from any potential creepy bugs that might want to show up.

Even more under the bed storage! These are also perfect for storing things for under the bed! Super slim, these could be put side by side or on stacked. 

Now these are just simple mesh laundry hampers. However, I particularly like these because of all of the side pockets that can hold laundry detergent and all that jazz!

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