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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Galentines Day Party Ideas

Who doesn't love Galentine's Day?

Answer: No one

I think Galnetines Day is the best day to hang out with friends, and show them how much you appreciate them . To show my appreciation I decided to plan a Galentines party. Everything I ended up buying was super affordable and cute (and probably from Target).

For my tablescape I bought plastic champagne flutes and dipped the rim with sugar. Two raspberries placed in the bottom also gave a nice touch. The napkins on the table are both from Target and were only a dollar for a large stack!

Since this party was last minute I did a few things that really made it seem like a ton of effort and time was spent in the preparation of the party...

1st - Adding a fun print out game to the table shows others that you really though out the night, and the activities 

2nd - adding fresh roses overall makes the table prettier, but also shows you spent time grabbing them

3rd - it's all in the details! adding glitter to the table or small lights can have a huge effect on the overall tone of the decorations


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