Tatum Hardin

Thursday, February 22, 2018

5 things I'd tell my freshman self

1. Confidence! Girl get some more confidence and do what you want! Embrace what you like, and say what you want to say. Looking back there are times where I could have done something great, but was too scared to actually follow through with it! Limiting yourself is so incredibly toxic, and it is so easy to make a change. Wear, say, do what you want (within reason) and you will be so much happier in the long run.

2. Fake friends. This one is tough, but also very important. You will have friends that make you feel less than, unimportant, and cause you change everything. In your mind these people best thing that has ever happened to you, but on paper it's toxic. Leave the moment you feel ignored. Know your worth and leave, being alone is better than being surrounded by those who make you question yourself.

3. Do more. Give more to the community, and do everything you can to help others. There is no gratification is solely helping yourself. Give whether it's time, money, or even a compliment. You never regret a time you were nice to someone.

4. Sadness over maturity. The next four years you are going to grow so much, and experience so many new experiences. As you mature, you will fall more into yourself and understand your personality. You'll confuse maturity with sadness, and so will others. Just know your interests will change, but people won't and they'll question you on why you're different. Stick to your instincts and don't change because they will come around again.

5. Cherish. Everyone and everything around you is a gift, and quite honestly I am still not sure if you deserve it, but cherish every moment of it regardless. When you feel alone, your friends are there and they understand more than you think. They don't care if you say something weird because they care about you not what you say. Your family was made just for you so cherish every meeting with your grandparents and late night talk with your mom, because these high school moments won't last forever.

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