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Monday, January 29, 2018

The Best Ring in the World

 I have obsession with the Alex and Ani rings. After wearing these rings everyday for the past two years, I am confidently able to say that these are the best rings in the world. Here is why:

-  It is incredibly comfortable. Although the charm seems like it would be an annoyance, it is actually very comfortable. The thin wire band makes the ring feel like its not even there, and the charm never gets in the way.

- This ring has meaning. Each ring has a very special message that is shown through the design. The meanings range from birthstones to a spiritual belief. 

- They are affordable.  Not only are these rings affordable initially, but I commonly find them on sale. In my opinion these rings are worth way more than they actually cost. 

These rings can be found online at the Alex and Ani website, but are also carried at Dillards and other various retailers. So be sure to get them as the perfect gift or even as a nice treat to yourself. 


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